October/November 2022

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A Great Machine of Healing: Raised by McGill University, the field hospital where poet-surgeon Dr. John McCrae served during the First World War advanced medical knowledge and saved thousands of lives.

Also in this issue: Secrets of the Ruins: An excavation of the Parliament of the Province of Canada reveals glimpses of political life in Victorian-era Montreal. | IN THE BEAVER We Are All Treaty People: Understanding the spirit and intent of the Treaties signed between the Crown and First Nations matters to all of us. | The Founding of Fort Severn: Defying blackflies and permafrost, Mushkego Cree hunters and English fur traders established Ontario's northernmost community more than 250 years ago. | A National Crime: One hundred years ago, Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce exposed the horrifying death toll among children in residential schools. | Saved From the Wreckage: After his ship foundered, an intrepid botanist trekked hundreds of kilometres through ice and snow to bring his prized specimens home.

Regular features: Currents, Trading Post, Your Story, Destinations, Books, History Matters, Album.