October/November 2021

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Barbed Wire Ballads: Music and poetry helped two Canadian soldiers endure captivity, hunger, and forced labour in a Second World War German POW camp.

Also in this issue: Pluck & Prowess: Harp virtuoso Winifred Bambrick defied her age and travelled the world. | IN THE BEAVER Agowigiiwinan Bezhig Minawaa Niizhin: Commemorating the 150th anniversary of Treaties One and Two gives us all an opportunity to honour our ancestors' sacred promises to live in peace and to share the bounty of the land. | Headwaters of Their Own Stream: Battling racism, discrimination, and exclusion, seven artists formed the Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. to fight for professional respect and political self-determination.

Regular features: Currents, Trading Post, Your Story, Destinations, Books, History Matters, Album.