June/July 2015

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Who Found the Northwest Passage:You may think you know the answer to that question but it's not as straightforward as it may seem.

Also in this issue - The Great Charter: Why a thirteenth-century piece of parchment endorsed by an English king has meaning for Canadians today. | Angels Behind the Wheel: Initially frowned upon, women drivers proved their mettle during the Great War. |The Frozen Man: How the myth surrounding a nineteenth-century ice giant on the Magdalen Islands melted away over time. | Dear Henry: Before social media, or email, or airmail, or telephone, or telegraph, there was only one way to communicate over a great distance. Behold, the letter.

Regular features: Roots, Currents, Trading Post, Destinations, Album, Book Reviews.

History Matters: Go online to vote for your favourite Young Citizens contest videos.