February/March 2014

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Canada Without Medicare: It seems hard to imagine today, but a doctors strike in Saskatchewan in 1962 almost scuttled our country's cherished system of universal health care.

Also in this issue - Wings and a Prayer: A new theory has emerged about the religion of the Beothuk, Newfoundland's extinct indigenous people | Hard Road Travelled: A team of mountain bikers races across the ruins of one of North America's most ambitious wartime road-building projects | Trouble Over Bridged Waters: The centennial of the end of the War of 1812 was supposed to be a massive celebration like no other - but then a new war intervened | Columns by Tina Loo and Christopher Moore

Regular features: Currents, Your Story, Roots, Trading Post, Getaway, Album, Book Reviews | Open Book: Excerpt from John English's Ice and Water | History Matters: Governor General's Award winners