December 2017/January 2018

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Trains of Fame: Canada's railways have been traversed by some noteworthy trains. Some were famous, others toiled in anonymity, even secrecy.

Also in this issue Beautiful Cities: The squalor of nineteenth-century cities prompted planners to come up with a novel solution: green space. | Metis Matriarchs: Lady Lougheed and Buckskin Mary were important community builders of Canada's pioneer West. | An Unnatural Calamity: The Halifax explosion of 1917 was the deadliest disaster in Canadian history. | Collecting Memories: An 1876 questionnaire offers a glimpse of early settler life on Prince Edward Island.

Regular features: Christopher Moore, Currents, Trading Post, Roots, Destinations, Album, Book Reviews.

History Matters: Bidding a fond farewell to Governor General David Johnston and a warm welcome to his successor, Julie Payette. Plus, our Annual Book & Gift Guide.