August/September 2016

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The Dirty Thirties:Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Also in this issue Hunger Parties: How a Canadian woman raised the morale of fellow civilian prisoners in a Japanese Second World War internment camp.| Kingly Connections: Samuel de Champlain has been called many things, from Father of New France to Sam the sham. But can we call him sieur? | 39 Steps to Fame: A potboiler penned by a Governor General of Canada more than a century ago continues to thrill people today. | The Big Chill: Two centuries ago, much of the world was left in the cold during what became known as the Year Without a Summer.

Regular features: Christopher Moore, Currents, Trading Post, Destinations, Album, Book Reviews.

Annual Report: Charting a course for the Society's future. Plus, our annual Honour Roll of valued donors.